M & J Caulking and Waterproofing, Inc. does:

Apply sealants/caulking to:
  • Expansion joints
    • On tilt-panel buildings (warehouse looking buildings that are formed on the ground and
      concrete poured into the forms on the jobsite; when the concrete is cured, they are
      raised up and form the walls of the building)
    • Masonry wall expansion joints
    • Roof Parapits
    • Sidewalk expansion joints
  • Around interior/exterior of
    • Door frames, generally hollow metal frames
    • Window frames, generally hollow metal frames
    • Perimeters of buildings where sidewalk butts the building wall
  • Around exterior penetrations on building, and any place a void has been created in the building wall
    • Rain spouts
    • Hose bibs
    • Wall plates
  • Saw-cut joints in floors, generally warehouse floors
  • Below grade areas
    • Elevator Pits
    • Basement walls
    • Planters
    • Between slabs
    • Balconies
Fire caulking and smoke barriers (top of wall)
  • Fire caulking applied on expansion joints located on inside walls between walls, top/bottom
  • Fire caulking applied on curtain walls (walls made up of glass windows), between windows to create a fire barrier
Seismic expansion joint covers
  • Generally 2" and wider
  • Used in parking garages
  • Additions to buildings, hospitals
  • Located on roofs, walls and floors
Urethane & epoxy coatings
  • Applied to balconies
  • Applied to warehouse floors
  • Applied to food service buildings to prevent spills/bacteria soaking into concrete floor
  • Garages
  • FDA approved coatings for kitchens and dining areas